MySpace Falling Objects Generator

You can display falling objects or graphics on your MySpace profile page. This falling objects generator allows you to specify an image of your choice. Once you paste the HTML code into your MySpace profile page, you will see multiple copies of your image all falling down the page!

For this to work, you need to ensure you specify the correct location of an image. Also note that some browsers may not display the falling objects as intended.


Your Code

Copy and paste this code into your MySpace profile page.

HTML Compliant Marquees

The above falling object generator uses the marquee tag to create the falling effect.

The marquee element is not part of the HTML standard. If you're looking to create standards-compliant code, this is not the code for you.

However, you can use CSS animations to create the same effect. I've put together some CSS marquee code, that could be modified to provide the falling object effect.