ColdFusion Append File

In the previous lesson, we wrote a file to the server using the ColdFusion <cffile> tag. The <cffile> tag also allows you to append a file on the server.

To append a file, you simply use action="append" (instead of action="write"). The contents you specify in this tag are appended to the end of the existing file. If the file doesn't already exist, it is created.

Example of Appending a File

This example declares a variable, assigns the current date and time to it, then appends the result to a file.

Optional Attributes

If required, you can use any of the following attributes:

Specifies whether a carriage return/line feed is added to the end or not. The default is yes. If you don't want a new line to be added, specify addNewLine="no"
Allows you to set permissions on Unix platforms.
Allows you to specify whether the file should be read only, hidden, or normal.
Lets you specify the character set to use. For example, UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, UTF-16 etc